Lalme’ Iwesawtexw Community School

Thursday, January 19, 2023
Seabird Indian Band

After nine years Math Catchers were back to Lalme’ Iwesawtexw Community School, on Seabird Island. Our host was Mr. Greg Draguzet, a high school math teacher. 

Veselin met with Grade 9 and Grade 11 classes. Students enjoyed building hexastxs and  learning about various symmetries.

Thank you Mr. Draguzet for your kind invitation, and thank you to all of your students for their hospitality. 


"Thank you Veselin! I am glad you were able to come and share this activity with me and my students. It provided me with a new outlook on how to teach geometry and think of spatial reasoning problems. It was also memorable for students and confidence building. I am very grateful for sharing your time, expertise and resources with us."