Kent Elementary School, Agassiz, BC



Thursday, February 21, 2019

Math Catchers Veselin and Canan visited Kent Elementary School in Agassiz, B.C. We met with 80 smart Grade 2-4 students willing to talk about mathematics, solve puzzles, and explore various mathematical objects. Thank you Ms. Tammy Dreger for your kind invitation.  Thank you to Mr. Watchoma and Mr. Peters hospitality! 


"Dear Dr. J.
Thank you for coming in to our class at Kent School this morning to teach us about math. We enjoyed looking at math in a different way when you showed us the parking lot game. Games are a really good way to get your mind thinking even if it takes time to puzzle out how to do them. The way you taught was unusual and unique. We enjoyed the math toys you brought in to show us. We were impressed that you made a lot of them yourself. It's neat that we can think about math in so many ways. You were very kind and I hope you could tell we really enjoyed your visit. We hope you enjoyed it too. Please come again.

Grade 3s.
Room 6, Kent School"


"Math is all around us.  There were many differences in two things of Totem Poles.  Didn't know University have more than 30,000 people. " - Garrett

"Patterns are fun." - Skylar

"The toys were fun, but what are they?  The man didn't explain." - Grace

"Video was awesome! Frog was able to pull all others out of water.  Really enjoyed the challenges with questions." - Mathew

"Totem poles were interesting." - Anthony

"Not enough time for playing with the toys."  - Jasmine

"Thank you again for including our class."  My-Phuong


"On behalf of our PAC, thank you again and, as the students said, we really hope you can visit us again in the future!"