Lauwelnew Tribal Highschool

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017
Brentwood Bay, BC

The Math Catcher Outreach Program visited LAUWELNEW Tribal High School on TSARTLIP Reserve.

Veselin Jungic had four workshops with students from Grades K-5 and one with the staff. Our host was Ms. Maryann Gladstone, the school principal.

Everyone that we met during our visit was very kind and helpful. Thank you to you all! We will remember for long time how friendly were the K-1 students, how happy and cheerful were the 2-3 graders, and how fast 
learners were the Grade 4-5 students.

We were also very impressed with the school staff. Teachers' willingness to spend their lunchtime learning a hands-on math activity will stay with us as another positive memory from this visit.

Dr. Jungic,
Thank you very much for visiting our class and school. It was 
transformational to see the potential of what hands on math can be. 
Thank you for the wonderful experience that our students had.