Pinewood Elementary School, Prince George, BC

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Math Catchers Outreach Program visited the Dakelh territory in Prince George B.C.  Dr. Veselin Jungic and Lindsay Clifton visited Pinewood Elementary School where we had the opportunity to meet 3 classrooms from kindergarten to grade 5 for the morning.  With the younger grades puzzles we wanted to show the students that you could count things you can not see.  We did this by showing them a picture of bunnies and then ask them to count how many bunnies there were.  Then ask them to count how many bunny tales were there, even though we could not see the tales in the picture and they would answer before realizing you could not see the tales.  Then with the older students we solved math puzzles and did Mobius strips. The students seemed to like our presentation.  Hopefully we left the student wanting to learn more with the teachings we left them with in math.  It was wonderful to meet all the teachers and students of Pinewood Elementary school. We would like to thank Marie Fanshaw for inviting us to visit your school.  The experience we had was magnificent.