James Thomson Elementary School, Powell River, BC



Thursday, April 23, 2019

Math Catchers visited James Thomson Elementary School in Powell River, B.C. This was our forth visit to James Elelemntary. We met some old and made a quite few new friens. During our visit we met with about 120 enthusiastic students from Grades 4-7! Thank you to all students, teachers, and staff for their help and hospitality.

Thank you Ms. Betty Wilson and Ms. Gail Blaney for your kind invitation to visit James Thompson Elementary!


"Thank you so much for coming.
I always like to see students reactions to your questioning technique.
I always learn something new."


"Yes, thanks Veselin. Sadly, I did not get to see you this year. I have heard great things from the kids though. They shared the new mesmerizing pencils with me.

I did enjoy listening to Laura's very enthusiastic presentation on the basket app. though. She did a great job introducing this exciting new app. and I think went away with some thought provoking questions from teachers."