West Boundary Elementary School, Rock Creek, BC



Thursday, April 18, 2019

Math Catchers visited West Boundary Elementary School in Rock Creek, B.C. With Grades 6-7 we did some math magic tricks, with Grades 4-5 we solved some difficult puzzles, with Grades 2-3 we analyzed one of the Small Number adventures, and with Grades K-1 we counted unvisible rabbit tails. It was an enjoyable day of mathematics for students, teachers, and Veselin!

Thank you Ms. Angela Bragg for your kind invitation to visit West Boundary Elementary!


"I wanted to tell you how much our teachers and our students appreciated your visit today. It isn't often that we have an entire school excited about Math and you have inspired us to think about Math in a different way. 

I'd like to share with you a story that comes from our Kindergarten classroom. When I asked the students if they enjoyed their Math class today, a Kindergarten student told me quite firmly that, "We didn't do Math class today because today numbers were fun!". 

It was lovely to see that even in the grade four-five class students that struggle with Math shine today with their problem solving ability. 

You are always welcome to return to our school and share more of your wonderful wisdom with us!"