St. Mary's Elementary School, Vancouver, BC



Thursday, October 18, 2018



Math Catchers visited St. Mary's Elementary School in Vancouver, B.C. We spent a wonderful day discussing mathematics, solving puzzles, watching Samll Number adventures, and playing with mathematical toys. Thank you Ms. Catherine Moffatt for your invitation!

"Thanks! I really enjoyed it!"


"Dear Dr. J,

        Thanks for your time and for inspiring the next generation to appreciate Math as well as the culture and learning of         our First People!  My class and I both enjoyed: 1) the questions and exploration of math puzzles...the process of         puzzling:)  2) your stories...your "about me & where I work" intro.  The kids had a lot of questions about SFU and         adults at university!  3) the toys. The students could've probably enjoyed those alone for 10min at least!  4) your         easy-going nature and kindness  5) the Small Number video and accompanying discussion.  Nearly every one of my         students later checked out the Math Catchers site during i-pad time.  Thanks to you, your students, and all the         collaborators who developed it!"