Sts'ailes Community School

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Agassiz, BC

Math Catchers Janelle, Martin, and Veselin visited Sts'ailes Community School on the traditional territory of the Sts'ailes Nation.  We met with about 100 students from Grades 5-12.

We are very thankful to Ms. Haslett for her invitation and to Ms. Joseph for hosting us in her classroom for the whole day. But most importantly our thanks go to the students whose kindness and generousity made us feel both welcome and honoured to be part of their community for one day.


Hi Veselin,

Wanted to thank you and Janelle again for coming out to our school. Your visit was very well received. I heard lots of good conversation about your presentations. The teachers were very impressed and the kids had good things to say too.

I hope you will consider visiting with us again. We would love to have you come again next year maybe to connect with the kids in Grade four - Kindergarten.

Our high school math teacher would also like to keep in touch.