Ten Broeck Elementary School

Thursday, January 11, 2018
Ten Broeck Elementary School, Abbotsford, BC


Math Catchers visited five Grade 4-5 classes in Ten Broeck Elementary, Abbotsford, BC. We talked about mathematics a lot, solved many puzzles, and played with mathematical toys!

In the words of Ms. Jury, our wonderful host: "Veselin, wow!! Wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for coming out to present today! It was a great presentation and the students loved it and were engaged!! The other teachers really enjoyed it also! 

Students comments during our debrief ranged from, “Math is Awesome” to “I want to be a doctor of math”. 

They really connected to the part about math everywhere in all aspects of life.  You are wonderful at engaging the students and captivated even my most challenging students!!

Thank you again! I appreciate it a lot! Take care, and hope the see you again next year!!"