Georges Vanier Elementary School

Thursday, November 24, 2022
Surrey, BC

Math Catchers visited Georges Vanier Elementary School in Surrey, BC. We were guests in Ms. Deepa Hans' Grade 3/4 class. 

We met with a group of very enthusiastic students. Veselin was truly impressed how quickly students solved all puzzles that he asked the class. Congratulations!

Thank you to Ms. Hern and Ms. Isabelle Diapour for your kind invitation, hospitality and you generous support. 


"Thank you so much for coming into our class the other day! The students enjoyed your workshop so much. It was truly a treat to have you! I discussed the students about the workshop, they really enjoyed the different discussions. Some stated that they did not even realize that they were doing math. What really hit home to them was the reminder that math is everywhere, it can be done in fun ways, and that math can be integrated in conversations and discussions all the time."