Westwood Elementary School, Prince George, BC


Monday, May 13, 2019

Math Catchers Outreach Program visited the Dakelh territory in Prince George B.C.  Dr. Veselin Jungic and Lindsay Clifton visited Westwood Elementary where we had the chance to meet the grade 4/5 split class for the afternoon. Every student participates with our hands-on activities, math puzzles and playing with our math toys.  The math puzzles we did with the students had a moral in each puzzle.  One of those morals is to look at a math problem with a different prospective if you cannot solve it and that also applies in life as well.  After the math puzzles we did the Mobius strips with class.  The students had fun solving the math puzzles and doing the Mobius strips.  The students appreciated that when they were done doing the math puzzles and hands-on activities they were able to play with our math toys.  Hopefully we inspired the students to enjoy math the same way we do. It was marvellous to meet all the teachers and students of Westwood Elementary School.  We would like to thank Marie Fanshaw for inviting us to visit your school.  We had a great time in your school.