Argyle Secondary, North Vancouver



Thursday, October 2, 2014

Math Catchers visited Argyle Secondary where we met students from Grades 9 and 11. Our host was Mrs. Brigette Gerandol, a math teacher.


This is from Mrs. Gerandol:

Good Evening Dr. J

Thanks again for the great morning with my classes in North Vancouver. We really enjoyed your presentation including all the puzzles and the hands on activities. 

I was in a grade three/four class today and I did the hands counting activity with powers of two. It was a great activity for adding integers. The higher level thinkers also used subtraction of the numbers to reach their numbers so great to see the students using different strategies. 

I have included the link to my blog for your portfolio:

Keep up the great work! If you have time in the spring we'd love to have you back for the 9H hexasticks project.

Thanks again!

Brigette Gerandol

Argyle Secondary
Math Teacher and Work Experience Teacher
Argyle Family of Schools Teacher Leader