Christine Morrison Elementary School, Mission, B.C



Friday, September 25, 2015

Math Catchers visited Christine Morrison Elementary School in Mission, B.C.

Our schedule was as follows:
Session 1  -   Ms Seidler   Gr. 5/6  
Session 2   -   Ms Weirozek   Gr. 5/6
Session 3   -   Ms Banks   Gr. 4
Session 4   -  Mme Searwar   Gr. 4

Thank you to all students, teachers and staff for their hospitality. Ms. Judy Cathers, Aboriginal Liaison at Christine Morrison Elementary was a perfect host. Thank you!


"Once again, thank you for coming to Christine Morrison Elementary‚Ķ needless to say Math Catchers was a big hit here.  We are hoping that you will come again next year?"