James Thompson Elementary, Powell River, BC



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Math Catchers were back in Powell River, BC! Ms. Jasmin Marshman, the Principal of James Thompson Elementary, kindly invited us to visit her school again. 

On Tuesday, October 8, we met with Mr. Robert's Grade 6/7 class and with Mme. Jacqueline's Grade 3/4 class. On Wednesday, October 9, we met with Mr. Elliot's Grade 4/5 class and with Mrs. Shostak's 2/3 class. We talked about mathematics, demonstrated various math objects made by a 3D printer, played with math toys, and built tensegrities. We are very thankful to all students and teachers for their hospitality!

Our hosts were Ms. Betty Wilson and Ms. Gail Blaney from the Sliammon Nation. Their willingness to share with us their knowledge, kindness, and friendship is something very special for all Math Catchers and makes us feel very privileged to know them. 

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