Coast Salish Basket Jupyter Notebooks Update

June 28, 2019

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BS


From Ms. Laura Gutierrez Funderburk:

"I am writing to share exciting news!

A few days ago Dr. James Colliander posted a tweet in the Callysto Slack workspace from Dr. Meredith Lee, who currently acts as the Director of the West Big Data Hub initiative of the USA NSF. In her tweet Dr. Lee talks about a workshop that took place during the National Data Science Education led by Dr. Lindsey Heagy.

Dr. Heagy gave an overview of Callysto and Syzygy, and did a demo of the Coast Salish baskets notebooks our team worked on during 2018. According to Dr. Heagy the notebooks were well received by members in the audience, some of whom reported seeing news of our work in a number of USA-based math forums. 

Here is her tweet: "