The Small Number Project

University of Victoria

Friday, April 9, 2021



Dr. Pamela Hagen, a long time supporter of the Math Catcher Program, invited Veselin Jungic (Math Catcher Program/Simon Fraser University) to be a guest speaker and meet with her EDCI 300 students. Dr. Hagen used the Small Number stories in her class, thus the invitation.

In her invitation Dr. Hagen wrote: "I wanted to give you some general feedback from the EDCI 300 students for whom I set up one of the Small Number stories, the Pit House one, as an investigation.  Oh my they loved it!!  When I get a chance I shall share some of their specific feedback and comments with you, but overall they found it engaging and stimulating too.  I think there is one answer that grandpa gives to a Small Number question, towards the end of the video/story, along the lines our elders had their ways.  I asked the students to speculate as to what those ways may have been as well.

In addition this morning, when talking about curriculum with the other group of students, EDCI 415, Small Number came up as being on the Ministry’s curriculum web page for Patterns.  That stimulated a discussion about Small Number’s stories etc."

Veselin gladly accepted the invitation.