Math Catcher Festival: Learning Math Through Storytelling

Friday, November 26, 2021



Elder Tina Lakey and Veselin Jungic co-presented at the 2021 National Gathering for Indigenous Education. The title of their presentation was "Math Catcher Festival: Learning Math Through Storytelling."


Veselin and Elder Tina share Simon Fraser University’s Mathcatchers program.
The aims of the program are straightforward: to demonstrate that mathematics is part of everyday life; is consistent and intertwined with Indigenous culture; mathematics can be interesting and even fun; and to emphasize that mathematics can lead to a rewarding future.

Top 10 winner in last year’s Mathcatcher festival, Elder Tina shares the personal transformations in her students and herself on this leadership journey. She will share with you engaging students throughout, how to register your school and the importance of celebration ending with the invitation to register your schools. 

The recording of the presentation is available here.