Small Number in Forbes

September 11, 2018
 Vancouver BC

In her recent blog post in Forbes entitled "Kids' Math Motivation Stems From Proving Something To Themselves", Rachel Crowell listed  the "Small Number" video series as a family friendly math resource:

"Free resources for helping kids connect with math

For the whole Ms. Crowell's article please go here.


Ms. Rachel Crowell in her own words: 

"I write about mathematics. I have been a freelance math and science writer since 2016. I was a 2015 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow. I write for the American Mathematical Society,, EARTH magazine and other publications. I am passionate about helping others see the important roles that math and science play in our world. Follow me on Twitter - @writesRCrowell. Have an idea to share? Email me at"