Math Catchers visit Ahgykson

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Tla'amin Nation


Math Catchers visited Tla'amin Nation to discuss the current and future projects.

As part of their stay on the traditional Tla'min territory,  Math Catchers visited Ahgykson (formerly known as Harwood Island). Thanks to the Tla'amin Nation for providing us with transportation to view the Ahgykson fish traps. Because of the wind we could not send the drone up without losing it.

Ochele and Veselin, together with the team lead by Dr. Cedric Chauve, will continue to research more info on fish traps.

One of our goals is to further explore the fact that it took engineering skills to be able to vision and construct a large fish trap. We believe this particular segment of Tla'amin's traditions shows ingenuity as well as cultural significance.

Ochele and Veseline also met with Dr. Jay Yule, SD 47 Superintendent of Schools, to talk about our future collaboration.