The Math Catcher Program in Media

June 24, 2018


Several articles about the Math Catcher Program were published during the month of June 2018:

Veselin Jungic, Mathematics talent abounds in Indigenous communities, The Conversations

Veselin Jungic, Mathematics talent abounds in Indigenous communities, National Post

Isabelle Khoo, Indigenous Storytelling Is Inspiring British Columbia And Alberta Youth To Study Mathematics, HuffPost Canada

Justin Wong, Traditional story telling helps more Indigenous youth ‘catch on’ to math, SFU News

Caroline Alphonso, Math Catcher helps Indigenous high school students by using storytelling, traditions and culture, The Globe and Mail

Rachel Crowell, "Mathematics talent abounds in Indigenous communities": Rachel Crowell's Take, The American Mathematical Society News

Anneet Man, "Funding uncertain for SFU’s Academic Summer Camp for Aboriginal Students”, The Peak


"By the end of this coming week, Canadian kids will flood out of their schools to enjoy the beauty of our too-short summer. If you're like me, that last day of school was the best day of the year. 

Not all children are as lucky as Canadian kids. The past week brought some terrible images and stories of young people in distress.

The Conversation global network was quick to bring together some thoughtful analyses about the impact of children who are separated from their families. But we also told some happier stories, like the abundance of math talent among Indigenous children. "

- Scott White, Editor, The Conversations