The Callysto Tla'amin Basket Program in Media

April 29, 2019


The Callysto Tla'amin Basket Project is a joint initative by the Tla'amin Nation, the Math Catcher Outreach Program, and the Callysto Program.

The main goal of our project is to provide to students and teachers a multidisciplinary learning resource that may be used at different levels of instruction. At the same time, and equally important, we wish to share with the academic and non-academic community our firm belief that using elements of Indigenous cultures and traditions in Canadian classrooms must be done in collaboration with the Indigenous community and with mutual respect. In addition, with this project we wish to promote the Callysto program and the use of the Jupyter notebooks as a powerful tool in creation learning resources and a learning resource itself.

More information about the notebooks together with the detailed instructions how to access them is posted at

Here are a few links with the news artiles about the Callysto Tla'amin Basket Project:

Cara McKenna, Digital weaving: Online tool teaches math using Tla’amin basket designs, The Salish Sea Sentinel
Betty Shea, Basket motifs illustrate mathematical concepts, The Source
Veselin Jungic, Indigenous basket-weaving makes an excellent digital math lesson, The Conversation
Henry Tram, SFU students utilize Indigenous basketry patterns to teach mathematical concepts, The Peak
Diane Luckow, New app uses Indigenous basketry patterns to teach math concepts, SFU News
Veselin Jungic, New Collaboration with the Tla'amin Nation, SFU Mathematics News
Jimmy Fryers, Weaving A New Future For Indigenous Education, PIMS Newsletter
Cambridge Mathematics, Whose theorem is it anyway



"We’ve got another TRC-related story that looks at the commission’s recommendation which called on academic institutions and their faculty members to make meaningful contributions to the reconciliation process. Veselin Jungic of Simon Fraser University explains a fascinating community-led partnership project where his university is using mathematics to explore the tradition of Indigenous basketweaving." -- Scott White, The Conversation


This is the link with the film entitled q̓a qɛy q̓ay - Grace Harbor: The editors of this beutiful film are Betty Wilson, a Tla'amin elder, and Alex Sutcliffe, Tla'amin IT Coordinator. Over the last several years both Betty and Alex have made significant contributions to various Math Catcher Projects.


Tla'amin Basket Project Demo