Vancouver School Board District Mathematical Conference

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 09:00 - 10:15
John Oliver Secondary Secondary
530 East 41st Ave., Vancouver, BC  V5W 1P3

Janelle Dobson-Kocsis, Veselin Jungic, and Sasha Tiede presented at the 2016 Vancouver School Board District Mathematical Conference. The title and the abstract of their presentation were as follows:

Math Catcher Outreach Program: Aims and Methods

The Math Catcher Outreach program aims to promote mathematics and scholarship in 
general by encouraging elementary and high school students to recognize how math is 
used in everyday life and how it forms the basis for many of our daily decisions and
life-long choices. The storytelling, pictures, models, hands-on activities, and animated films 
encourage young people to enjoy math and help dispel myths that math is boring and abstract.

This presentation will focus on the Aboriginal component of the Math Catcher Program.

"Thanks again for the wonderful presentation at the VSB Math Conference." -- From the conference organizer

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