"Mathematics Catcher: Indigenizing Mathematics Through Culturally-Based Storytelling" in Vector

June 1, 2020

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

Vector The Official Journal of the BC Association of Mathematics Teachers  has published an article authored by Ms. ALam]na Underwood and entitled "Mathematics Catcher: Indigenizing Mathematics Through Culturally-Based Storytelling."

Here is the Conclusion of the article:

"In conclusion, I feel that incorporating Aboriginal perspectives in the curriculum benefits both indigenous and non-indigenous students, but I do not think that there is a simple “fix all” method to do this, or that incorporating culturally based stories is the best solution. Experimenting with how to use the Math Catcher films as a resource in my class, I feel that indigenizing the curriculum is not about teaching students facts about First Nations’ people but instead it pertains to encouraging teachers to immerse their students into Aboriginal pedagogical practices, thus, allowing students to experience First Nations’ culture."

The full article is available here.