Welcome from the Department Chair

As the new Chair of the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone in the department. Whether you are taking your first MBB course or finishing up your PhD thesis, whether you are a faculty member or support staff or are working hard to keep our department clean and safe, you are all part of the MBB community. We are living in an extraordinary time. The need for education and research, particularly at the molecular and biochemical level, have been brought into sharp focus over the many long months of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have witnessed how basic research on coronaviruses - studying their life cycles and genomes, the structure and function of their proteins, their interactions with host cells, and the immune responses to these pathogens - has set the stage for rapid development of some of the safest and most effective vaccines in existence. It is this type of research that will end this pandemic and pandemics to come, that will enable us to tackle the urgent problem of antibiotic resistance, that links genomes to diseases to treatments, and that will inform us in mitigating and adapting to a growing climate crisis. I hope that your experiences in the MBB department will be memorable and will help us to launch you into rewarding and productive careers. I look forward to an eventual return to normal and to opportunities to interact with many of you in the coming the year.


Professor & Chair


Lisa Craig, PhD

Professor & Department Chair