Quratulain Qureshi

Driven by her passions for learning and health sciences, Quratulain Qureshi embarked on a journey to become an active member of the MBB, SFU, and broader research community ... read more

Jordan Wilson

Environmental and climate change activist Jordan Wilson wasn't expecting a path that would lead him to MBB but is fortunate for all the turn of events that led him here ... read more

Kathryn Ballantyne

Better the second time around. Chemistry drop-out, former fashionista and traveler, Kathryn Ballantyne is the 2018/2019 President of the MBB student union.  She took advantage of the opportunities available to her and experienced so much in less than two years at SFU:  Science Peer Mentorship program, paid work as a Teaching Assistant, independent research project in a lab... read more