Facilities & Bookings

The Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry has many controlled-environment rooms and several shared-use equipment rooms, containing instrumentation (centrifuges, phosphoimager, spectropolarimeter, scintillation counter, spectrofluorometer, spectrophotometer, gel documentation systems, etc) for sample preparation, measurement and analysis. 

MBB Equipment Orientation

The MBB Equipment Technician, is responsible for making sure you have the relevant training on the equipment we have. Every term, there is a departmental orientation that is mandatory if you would like to use any of the MBB equipment. Orientation takes approx. 1-1.5 hours, during which time you will tour the department and identify where all our common equipment is kept. The orientation only covers the use of our basic equipment. If you know that you will need to use a piece of equipment that requires training, email the Equipment Technician to arrange a time.

Listed below are copies of the most recent orientation documentation, together with spare PH Key request forms and our new departmental code of conduct: