Beckman J-26 XP Superspeed Centrifuge


SSB 7167

Training must be obtained from the MBB Equipment Technician.

The Beckman Coulter Avanti J-26xp Superspeed Centrifuge is located in SSB7167 on the 7000 level of South Sciences building. The instrument is taken care of by MBB Equipment Technician. Please contact the Technician (details below) to book time on the instrument. 

This centrifuge and all other centrifuges in MBB are sensitive instruents and can be damaged very easily.  We have a you break you buy policy on the centrifuges so it is important that you see the MBB Equipment Technician for training before use, that goes for anyone new in the department.

Additional Equipment for Centrifuge

  • JA 25.50 Rotor
  • JLA 16.250 Rotor
  • F-10 Carbon Fibre 6-500mL Rotor
  • JLA 8.1 6 x 1000mL rotor (Rotor Locked. The main MBB Office has the key)

Rotor Care

To prevent damage to the rotors being charged to the department, the rotors are inspected every morning using a picture standard. If any damage is noted which wasn't present on the picture, the last person to use the rotor the night before shall be billed.  To avoid being billed, if you notice that someone before you damaged the rotor before you use it, please report it to the MBB Equipment Technician.  For the vast majority of you, this situation is not needed but the department cannot continue spending $7000 per annum in rotor repair.  For this system to work, you all need  the same picture standards. These are to be found below; feel free to print them out if needed.


MBB Equipment Technician

 (778) 782-4318