Biacore X-100 Analyzer

The Biacore X-100 from GE uses surface plasmon resonance to determine features about protein: protein interactions. You can easily determine information about protein association/dissocation, kinetics and thermodynamics of protein binding.


SSB 6133

Training must be obtained from the MBB Equipment Technician or Dr Naveed Gulzar.

The Biacore X100 is located within the Scott lab (SSB7138) on the 7000 level of South Sciences building. The instrument is taken care of by Dr Naveed Gulzar & MBB Equipment Technician. Please contact the MBB Equipment Technician (details below) to book time on the instrument. 

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User Fee Schedule


USER                                                                                         RATE                           
Academic (SFU) $50/run*
Academic (External to SFU)  $75/run*
Non-Academic $500/day*

*user is responsible for providing sensor chips, coupling reagents, and any buffers beyond the standard HBS-EP+ that is provided


MBB Equipment Technician

 (778) 782-4318