Illumina MiSeq

The Illumina MiSeq is located in the MBB Microscopy Facility (SSB7145) and maintained by Dr. Tim Heslip.

User manual (equipment)

User guide (software)

MiSeq checklist for sample preparation

Denature and Dilute Libraries guide

Amplicon Reference Guide

The Illumina MiSeq is a high throughput, NGS benchtop instrument which integrates amplification, sequencing, and data analysis in a single run. A single run can produce output data of up to 15Gb in ~4 hours runtime and can complete up to 25 M single reads and 50 M paired-end reads. The MiSeq can be used for applications such as targeted resequencing, small genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, targeted gene expression profiling, library QC, and ChIP-seq.

Detailed Specs

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SSB 7145

Training must be obtained from Dr. Tim Heslip (Microscopy Facility)

Phone # 778-782-6807, email:


Manager, Laboratory and Operations

 (778) 782-4318