Degree Requirements

All students are required to have formed a Graduate Supervisory Committee consisting of their Senior Supervisor and at least 2 other members by the end of their first month of enrollment. The Supervisory Committee has the authority to specify an appropriate program of course work meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements stated below.

Students in both programs are required to submit an annual progress report. The objective of committee meetings and progress reports are to confirm that the student's academic development is in keeping with expectations for students at a comparable training level in the chosen research discipline. Aspects to be assessed typically include not only progress in original research (the thesis project itself) but also technical skills, theoretical knowledge, and written and oral communication skills.

All graduate students are expected to attend our Friday morning MBB Research Seminar Series and to regularly participate in a journal club. Journal clubs are discussion groups that focus on the current research literature, and can be in the form of the MBB colloquia, or informal groups consisting of the members of one or more research laboratories.