Degree Requirements

Transfer to PhD

Transfer to the PhD program requires successful completion of:


  • the transfer request must be initiated within the first 6 terms of the master's program. As per graduate general regulation (GGR) 1.12.3, initial enrolment in the doctoral program will be the initial enrolment as a master's student.

Transfer to the PhD program requires successful completion of MBB 806. Enrolment in MBB 806 requires permission of the student's supervisory committee based on suitable academic and research performance; after this permission is granted, MBB 806 must be completed within the following two terms and no later than the 6th term of enrolment in the MSc program.

Students applying for a transfer must have completed 75% of the MSc course work and a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5.

Students must transfer by the end of their 6th term.

Students who transfer from the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Master of Science program will achieve a minimum total of 18 units, at least 15 of which must be in graduate courses, by completing all of:

and one unit of MBB colloquium by completing one of:

and another 11 units selected from other graduate courses, chosen in consultation with the supervisory committee and which can include appropriate courses from MBB and/or other departments. Two of these 11 units can come from colloquia and/or journal clubs, with journal clubs being completed as one-unit directed readings courses.

If MBB 801-3 has already been taken by the student, the remaining three units must be completed by taking appropriate graduate courses or colloquia.

Important note for MBB 806:

Completion of MBB 806 with a grade of B+ or higher (very good to exceptional performance) is required for MSc students to transfer to the PhD program, and for students who enter the PhD program directly to continue towards their degree. Depending on the circumstances, the MBB Graduate Studies Committee may permit students who earn a grade below B+ to retake the course within an agreed period of time. Alternatively, the Graduate Studies Committee may allow such students to complete an MSc degree.