Degree Requirements

Admission Requirements

Acceptance into and continuation in the MBB major requires a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 upon completion of the lower division core courses (not including the CMPT courses).

For a course to be accepted as fulfilling a prerequisite for any upper division MBB course, a student must have obtained a minimum grade of C.

Prerequisite Waivers

Prerequisite Waiver Forms are only granted in exceptional circumstances (a failing grade in a prerequisite course is not an exceptional circumstance). For 200 and 300 level MBB courses, please contact Dr. Ingrid Northwood if you need to discuss a prerequisite waiver. For 400 level MBB courses please contact the course instructor to discuss a prerequisite waiver.

Program Requirements

For Majors, Honors and Minors declared as of: 

Breadth Electives

MBB students must complete 24 units of breadth courses, including:

  • 6 units of Social Science (B-Soc)
  • 6 units of Humanities (B-Hum)
  • 6 units of Sciences (B-Sci)
  • 6 units of undesignated breadth (i.e., any subject besides MBB) 
Note that the 6 units of B-Sci and 6 units of undesignated breadth are already factored into your program. You are only responsible for choosing 6 units of Humanities and 6 units of Social Science to complete your degree. 
A list of all Designated Breadth courses can be found on SFU's website. Courses with multiple breadth designations only count once. That is, if a course is both B-Hum/B-Soc, it will count as either B-Hum or B-Soc but not both. This does not apply to courses that are both breadth and quantitative (B-Sci/Q) or breadth and writing (B-Hum/W).

Students may select any of the upper division breadth courses linked below to satisfy both their upper division unit requirement and breadth requirement:

ยป Upper Division Breadth Courses for Science Students

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