Tom Claydon

Assistant Professor


B.A.(Hons) Physiology,
University of Leeds – 1998

Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences,
University of Leeds – 2001

Postdoctoral: University of
Leeds – 2001-2004

Postdoctoral: University of
British Columbia – 2004-2007

MCPG Contact Information:
phone: 778.782.8514

In my lab, we study cardiac potassium ion channels. In the heart, ion channels establish and maintain normal cardiac rate and rhythm, and changes in their function due to genetic or environmental causes can lead to life-threatening alterations of the cardiac rhythm.

Despite such a critical role, the dynamic mechanisms underlying ion channel function and how these are modulated by cardiovascular disease are unclear. In our research, we use a combination of molecular biology, protein biochemistry, bioinformatics and conventional and fluorescence-based electrophysiology approaches to study ion channel behaviour. The latter are cutting-edge techniques, performed in only a handful of labs worldwide, and they provide a novel and innovative tool to study the relationship between ion channel dynamic structure and its function during health and cardiovascular disease.

Our research aims to provide fundamental knowledge regarding ion channel function that may be used in the treatment and management of cardiovascular disease. Our work studying mechanisms of drug interactions will lay the foundation for the development of safer pharmacological agents.

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