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Teaching at SFU in Spring 2021 will be conducted primarily through remote methods. There will be in-person course components in a few exceptional cases. TAs will be expected to be available for the duration of their appointment and maybe requested for some in person components throughout the semester. If you have concerns about the safety measures for face to face instruction, please review the resources available on the website: A University approved, department specific safety plan will be provided to all those required to work on campus.

For the courses listed below which are approved for face-to-face delivery of laboratory sessions, TAs will be expected to be available in person for the delivery of all of the laboratory sessions assigned.

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Course List

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MSE 101W Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres HINDY REMOTE TA
MSE 102 Applied Science Technology and Society BAILEY REMOTE TA
MSE 110 Mechatronics Design I MARZOUK REMOTE TA
MSE 210 Engineering Measurement and Data Analysis KJEANG SURREY:  Face-to-face lab TA
MSE  211 Computational Methods for Engineers FIRMANI REMOTE TA
MSE 222 Kinematics and Dynamics of Rigid Bodies and Mechanisms RAKHSHA REMOTE TA
MSE 223 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics BAILEY REMOTE TA
MSE 251 Electronic Circuits BAHREYNI REMOTE TA
MSE 280 Linear Systems RAKHSHA REMOTE TA
MSE 402 Engineering Laws and Ethics HINDY REMOTE TA
MSE 410 Capstone Design Technical Project GOLNARAGHI SURREY:  Face-to-face lab TA
MSE 421 Advanced Vibration ARZANPOUR REMOTE TA
MSE 426 Design and Optimization G.WANG REMOTE TA
MSE 483 Control Systems MOALLEM REMOTE TA
MSE 490 Special Topic:  Electrified Transportation Systems J.WANG REMOTE TA
MSE 491 Special Topic: Application of Machine Learning In Mechatronics NARIMANI REMOTE TA


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