MSE Mechatronic Machining and Testing Centre (MMTC) Training Courses

SFU Mechatronic Systems Engineering is strongly focused on hands-on skills. Using our MMTC facility, students acquire a deep foundation of practical expertise to add proven real-world knowledge to their education. We offer the following three training courses in our MMTC facility.


In-class safety training

  • All students (undergraduate, graduate, and teaching assistants) must attend and pass in-class safety training before participating in any short courses and gaining access to the Mechatronic Machining and Testing Center (MMTC).

Machining course

  • All students are required to complete a short course (e.g., Basics of Machine Tools), to familiarize themselves with our machines and tools. Access to specific machine tools will be granted exclusively to students who have successfully completed the corresponding courses.

Working alone policy

  • Working Alone:  Students are NOT allowed to work alone in the MMTC. A technician or other designated skilled person must be present when students are working in the space.
  • Supervision During Activities: Student activities must be supervised at all times.  Students must vacate the premises if the supervisor is on break or attending to other duties.
  • Closure Policy: The space will be closed if the supervisor is absent or on leave.
  • Access Limitations: Student access is available until 4:30 p.m. only; after-hours and weekend access are not permitted.  

Safety and Work Ethics Policy

  • Disclaimer Agreement.  Students will be required to sign a disclaimer agreement before to entering the machine shop.  
  • Safety Guidelines and Instructions.  Strict adherence to safety guidelines and instructions is required.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  PPEs must be worn at all times including, safety glasses,  proper closed-toe shoes (steel-toe boots are recommended; no sandals, and slippers are permitted), earplug/earmuff, gloves and, respirator are mandatory for some particular operations.  Instructions must be followed and the supervisor should be consulted as needed.
  • Communication and Electronic Devices: Use of cellphones and other communication and electronic devices (e.g., headphones, earbuds, earphones, in-ear headphones) is not permitted while in the workshop to avoid distraction, which is the leading cause of accident and injury in the machine shop.
  • Jewelry, Clothing, Hair/Beards:   For safety reasons, including the risk of entanglement with machinery,  wearing of rings, watches, and bracelets is not permitted in the shop area.  Hair and long beards must be securely tied up; hair should be in a tight bun and beards should be confined.
  • Maintenance Responsibility: Students are required to clean and tidy machines, tools, and workspaces before leaving. Failure to do so may result in janitorial charges.
  • No Food or Drink: Consumption of food or drink is strictly prohibited in the workshop area.