MSE Offers Remote Access for Windows and Mac Users

Three MSE labs are available for faculty members and students who need to remotely access computers to complete their work. If you need to access a computer remotely, please sign into a computer from the lab that your class is scheduled in.

Please note that you may not need to remote access any computers from the SEE labs. A number of software tools are made available for SFU faculty and students. Click here to see a list of available software tools that you can download and install into your personal computer.

Important notes:

  • Limit of an active session: 6 hours
  • Limit of an idle session: 1 hour
  • Limit of a disconnected session: 30 minutes

You will be disconnected once you have reached the limit of an active or idle session. The session will also end if a disconnected session exceeds 30 minutes.

Please save your work constantly. Technical issues, such as a loose connection, can disrupt the connection and any unsaved work will be lost. There is also no guarantee that you will be able to reconnect to the same computer again.

Please choose the operating system of your computer and follow the instructions provided. If you know how to remote access the computers already, please skip the instructions and go directly to SEE Virtual Labs list below to connect to a computer remotely.

MSE Virtual Labs List

Please select and click on your assigned lab to connect to a computer remotely.

Lab Number of computers

Capstone (3340)


Circuits (4290)


Mechatronic Design I (4270)


Mechatronic Design II (4345)


If you have any technical questions, please send an email to our technical team at