Sustainable Events

Supporting Simon Fraser University to reach its long-term ecological, social, and economic sustainability goals, MECS continually monitors and improves our sustainable practices, as well as those of our suppliers.  In doing so, we proudly provide an optimal environment for meetings and events in our facilities.

Through our partnership with the SFU’s Sustainability Office we ensure that the sustainability best practices below are followed; all events booked through MECS achieve a silver-level Sustainable Spaces certification rating.

By considering additional factors such as accessibility, event materials and swag you can earn your event a gold-rating and receive additional promotions and tools. Simply complete and submit the gold-level checklist here.

Silver-Level Sustainable Spaces Certification Features

Energy Conservation

  • Optimal use of daylight and all building lights are turned off when not in use.
  • Room temperature is monitored in an effort to conserve energy.


  • All three SFU campuses are within walking distance of public transportation.
  • The Canada Line provides direct access to the airport.
  • Mobi bike sharing services and bike lock up areas are available for all three campuses.
  • Hotels within walking distance from our venues are recommended.

Waste Reduction

  • SFU’s client communications, including newsletters, are primarily handled electronically.
  •  Post-consumer recycled paper is used for all printed promotional collateral.
  • Styrofoam is never used and non-recyclable materials are avoided.
  • SFU’s award-winning four-stream Zero Waste Stations are used or available for all events.


  • Healthy, low-impact (e.g. vegetarian, vegan) options are available.
  • Fairtrade coffee, OceanWise fish, local and in-season food is used whenever possible.
  • Reusable melamine wear or on biodegradable/compostable products are used.
  • Unconsumed food, when possible, is donated to local charities.