Name: Naman Nagpaul

Position: Event Planner

How and when did you arrive at SFU?

I started off as a student in 2016 at the Burnaby and Surrey campus. Later, I joined MECS in early 2018 as an Event Assistant on the Vancouver campus.

What’s your favorite part of working at MECS?

THE TEAM! A diverse group of people working together to achieve one common goal – client satisfaction. The entire MECS team on all three campuses along with our support teams (primarily facilities, IT Services, schedules and catering) work together to help support each other wherever they can – and that’s the best part.

What achievement at MECS are you most proud of?

In the few years at MECS, I have had a lot of proud moments. The best ones are the client feedback emails that mention how our team was able to work collaboratively to enhance their experience.

What’s your best piece of meeting, event or conference advice?

An event will never be perfect as there is always room for improvement. However, constant communication with your event planner leading up to your event along with providing a meeting agenda and any changes can really allow the event planner to best advice you on tips that will ensure a smooth event.

What is one fun or unexpected fact about you?

I love educating younger generations about financial literacy as well as providing investment tips to everyone. I belong to a family of educators who teach to pay it forward. I am currently volunteering for Junior Achievement of BC and I am also working on hosting events for all ages to educate young people and make them financially independent.