COVID-19 Procedures & Event Safety

Meeting, Event and Conference Services (MECS) have been working diligently to plan for a safe and gradual resumption of activities for our event attendees and our staff in alignment with guidelines from government and provincial health authorities. From how our team interacts with event attendees, to enhancements to our cleaning and sanitization procedures, to more thoughtful use of our spaces including updated room capacities, we have revised our processes to support the safety of those using our facility and our team. We will continue to adapt processes as necessary, keeping safety top of mind and adhering to public health and WorkSafeBC guidelines.

In-person events

At this time, limited one-time, small, essential in-person meetings, events, or ceremonies (faculty and staff only) with an approved safety plan are allowed with the following restrictions:

• If your meeting is less than 6 people on campus and occurs in a space covered by your department’s local safety plan, you may go ahead following the safety plan.
• If your meeting or event will involve 6 or more people, you may need to get approval from your supervisor.

Refer to the Guidance and Application For In-Person Meetings Or Events for more information.

Only a limited number of SFU spaces/buildings are currently approved for use and may be requested by contacting Meeting, Event and Conference Services (MECS)

Approved spaces:

• SFU Burnaby Campus: Halpern Centre (
• SFU Vancouver Campus: Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue (
• SFU Surrey: SRYC 5240, SRYE 3016 (
• Outdoor spaces which allow physical distancing (

MECS will be available to provide support for these limited internal in-person gatherings at SFU

Please Note: IT Services support may be limited at the university.

If the in-person meeting, event, or ceremony is being held off campus, the gathering must still comply with the SFU COVID-19 Guidance on Safe Work on Campus and follow the application procedure outlined in the Guidance and Application For In-Person Meetings Or Events.

Not sure if you require approval? This decision tree will help you assess your event.

A full safety plan will need to be prepared by the event organizer/host in order to ensure the necessary event safety protocols and risk mitigation strategies are followed. If you are planning a meeting, please follow the checklist (Appendix A) in the Guidance and Application For In-Person Meetings Or Events. If you are planning a more elaborate event, please contact MECS and refer to our COVID-19 In-Person Events Checklist.

Event organizers must provide clear communication and signage to participants on how to protect themselves and others during the event to reduce virus transmission.

Everyone who visits any SFU campus should safely and effectively wear a non-medical mask in all indoor public areas. Public areas include building entryways and atriums, hallways, stairwells, washrooms, and study areas. Those who are not able to wear a mask for medical or other reasons, should be especially careful to maintain a safe distance.

Occupancy Limits

Centre For Dialogue - Vancouver
320-370 20
380 5
420 20
470 12
430 3
480 5
Atrium 20
AP Hall 20
Salon 10 12
Salon 20 18
Salon 30 10
05 20
Concourse Washroom Women 6, Men 4
2nd Floor Washrooms Staff Only
3rd Floor Washrooms 1
4th Floor Washrooms 1
Halpern Centre - Burnaby
123 2/1 for a video conference
111 2/1 for a video conference
114 10
126 20
Washrooms 1
Surrey Campus Capacity:
SRYC 5240 32
SRYE 3016 35

Safety Measures During The Event

  • clearly mark where event participants enter and exit the event space
  • configure space to ensure physical distancing can be adhered at all times
  • ensure space is cleaned before arrival of guests
  • ensure that hand sanitizer is available at the entrance to the event space and all participant will use the hand sanitizer prior to entering the event space
  • review COVID-19 event space safety plan at the beginning of the event with the participants, including washroom locations and emergency procedures, and have all participants sign-in.