MECS Vaccine Card Event Verification FAQs

I am with an internal department. Can we have meetings and/or events on our campuses?

Yes, departmental events on campus are allowed. These events fall under 2 categories, essential and discretionary.

Essential Events include: classes; academic events such as thesis defense or seminars; workplace meetings and workshops; events to support students including orientation; and mentorship.

Discretionary Events include: ticketed events; social events; conferences; open houses; and external groups events.

What is the difference between holding an Essential Event and a Discretionary Event?

Essential Events have no capacity restrictions. The BC Vaccine Card verification is not required for attendees.

Discretionary Events can:

  • Have a 50 per cent capacity of rooms or 50 people, whichever is greater, for indoor meetings.
  • Outdoor events can have 50 per cent capacity or 5000 people, whichever is greater. 
  • For all indoor events over 50 people, BC Vaccine Card verification is required for attendees.

Do I need to wear a mask at my event?

Masks are not required at essential workplace meetings indoors (not accessible to the public). Although it is not a requirement, some people may choose to wear a mask during meetings.

For all other Essential or Discretionary Events, masks are required indoors, unless a person is eating while seated.

I am from outside the university, can I book space on SFU campuses for my group?

Yes, we have space available at the Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue and Harbour Centre for external groups requiring space. This falls under our Discretionary Event category

What about catering – can we order food and alcohol for our events?

Yes, our caterers are back on campus with new menus. We can serve boxed lunches and dinners including buffets. Alcohol in licensed spaces is also allowed.

Staff can be hired to help serve food (and will also be required to follow safety protocols).

Will we have to check for a vaccination card at our event?

For all Essential Events on campus: BC Vaccine Card verification is not required.

For all Discretionary Events on campus:

  • BC Vaccine Card verification is required if the meeting is held inside and has over 50 people in attendance.
  • This includes open houses or events that have over 50 people throughout the course of the event. 

What if my event is in the Study Pub on the Burnaby Campus? Will we have to check BC vaccination cards?

Yes, the Study is a restaurant and will have staff on hand to perform BC Vaccine Card verifications.

My event is outside. Do we still have to have BC Vaccine Card verification for attendees?

No, BC Vaccine Card verification is not required for events that are being held outdoors.

Tents are considered outdoor unless one or more sides are down, in which case it is considered indoor.

If an event is a mix of indoors and outdoors with more than 50 participants, BC Vaccine Card verification for attendees will be required.

Who is responsible for verifying the BC Vaccine Card for attendees?

The event organizer is responsible for the verification of BC Vaccine Cards as attendees enter the event.

SFU needs to be satisfied that the organizers are aware of the conditions and requirements of the Provincial Health Order and have the capacity to fulfill them. Given this, SFU will be conducting spot checks of events. 

How do I verify BC Vaccine Cards?

There are two options to verify proof of vaccination:

1. Visual Verification

  • You can perform a visual verification.
  • On a person's BC Vaccine Card, make sure their name and vaccination details are visible.

2. Using the app to verify QR codes

  • Using the BC Vaccine Card Verifier app, you can scan a person’s QR code on their BC Vaccine Card. The app will verify their proof of vaccination.

Regardless of which option you choose, you must additionally review a person’s photo ID to ensure that their name matches what is listed on their BC Vaccine Card.

For additional details, including how to verify out-of-province ID, please see Proof of vaccination information for businesses.

I am expecting international guests; how do I check their vaccine status?

We can accept any vaccines that are approved by the WHO:

  • Pfizer / BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)
  • SinoPharm (Beijing) / Covilo / BBIBP-CorV
  • Sinovac/ CoronaVac

Can you tell me what to say when checking passports?

MECS has a signage template that you will be able to use for your event. Please click here to download a badge, poster, and tent card

Can access be denied?

Yes, if an event requires proof of immunization and a participant does not provide an organizer with proof in the form of a BC Vaccine Card (or other official forms of proof of immunization prior to September 26), they will be refused access to the event.