Our clients have come to appreciate the expertise that MECS brings to their special meetings or events. Your dedicated MECS team is equipped to provide the organization and professionalism that you expect for your event, so you and your team can focus on the experience and personal connections. Let us show you how to provide your attendees with a lasting impression and an impactful engagement.

Please contact to book an event.


Our team of skilled event professionals will personally manage every element involved in carrying out your ideal virtual event.


In your virtual event venue, we will set up your main stage, exhibit hall, networking hub, and breakout sessions. We will prepare your speakers, onboard your vendors, and coordinate technical support on the day of your event.


Let us help you measure the success of your event. Following each event, we will provide you with a report giving you analytical insights into your audience and exhibitor engagement and interactions, helping you collect powerful data to quantify your success.


MECS Virtual Event Package 

$2600.00 per day, up to 3 days – 6 hours

$3.25 per attendee


  • pre-planning, logistical advice, rehearsals
  • building event schedule and layout
  • post-event and debrief and statistics 


  • External registration import is $1.00 per person
  • Moderated Breakout Sessions with MECS support $150.00
  • Additional supported event time or additional rehearsal hours $160.00 per hours ( $80.00 per hour, per staff)

Webcasting & Recording

  • External streaming import and media production available



Register guests and review real time analytics all within a built-in registration system. Enjoy a seamless end-to-end user experience.


Just like in-person events, a central place for your attendees to get the latest information and easily navigate through your event.

Schedule: Post your agenda with timing for all attendees to easily navigate your event. Segments are featured on a live banner to help direct flow.

Sponsors: Showcase and thank your sponsors with their logo and website URL or booth link.


Where all the main activities will be taking place, featured prominently at the main event page and without the restrictions of walls and seating. The platform includes a built-in streaming option requiring no third party software.

Mainstage: Here’s where opening remarks, keynote speakers, and plenary sessions will take place.

Backstage: An area where you can prep moderators and speakers before going live. Take some of the anxiety and edge off with this virtual space.

Up to 5 presenters can be displayed at a time using the platform's built-in native streaming

Breakout Sessions

If you have a need for smaller targeted sessions separate from your main sessions you are covered, we have the ability to do:

Concurrent / Group / Private Sessions: An unlimited amount of separate spaces for any format type to suit your program delivery. Whether it be special topics, fireside chats, q&a sessions, and more. Keep sessions organized by deciding who can enter each session whether it be open to everyone, certain ticket holders, moderated, or invite only.

Attendee Engagement

With all the distractions at home and on the go, there are tools available to keep your attendees actively engaged in your event:

Polls: Ask your attendees multiple choice questions or collect feedback at the end of your event. Answers are shown in real time and can be downloaded for future reference.

Chat: Pin important messages that let attendee know latest updates, what to do, and where to go. Attendees can engage with everyone through the global event chat or session specific channels.


Attendee engagement with other attendees is key
to successful events, particularly in the virtual
world where they are already separated.

Profile: Bring your personality to your online
presence with the ability to customize a public
profile with a photo, bio, and interests.

People: See a list of all attendees and connect with
them through direct message or invite them to a
private video chat to continue to the conversation.

Networking Session: Attendees can enter a
networking session to be automatically paired with
another attendee in a 1 on 1 video call.

Lead Generation

For vendors, sponsors, event partners, or anyone else you want showcased, thanked, or displayed.

Lead Generation: Easy 1-click button for attendees to register their interest and leave their email. Or, link out to a website and direct your interest there.

Customization: Three different booth sizes, logos, website & twitter link, and booth description text.

Interaction: Stream a live demo or live representative to your booth visitors. Or, display promotional content like a video or Google slidedeck. Exhibitors can also interact directly with attendees in their own booth chat room.

Offers: Advertise current promotions.