Josh Gordon

Adjunct Professor


Josh Gordon is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Public Policy. He completed his PhD in Political Science at the University of Toronto in 2012 and joined the School in August 2014.

His doctoral research focused on the politics of labor market policy and the welfare state in the advanced industrialized democracies. It looked specifically at the postwar role of union movements in the evolution of unemployment benefits and employment protection legislation (hiring and firing rules). Subsequent work has turned that research into publications, including two articles in Socio-Economic Review.

His recent research has focused on the Canadian housing market, especially the housing markets in Toronto and Vancouver. Reports in 2016 and 2017 documented the roots of the affordability crises in these cities and made the case for policies that were subsequently adopted by provincial governments, including foreign buyers taxes and the Speculation and Vacancy Tax in British Columbia. This research has been turned into articles in Canadian Public Policy and Housing Studies, and is being turned into a book manuscript on the Canadian housing market. Papers related to the politics of housing policy and debates around supply-side interventions and affordability are also being developed into publications.