Nancy Olewiler - Selected Publications


N. Olewiler and B. Field. Environmental Economics, Third Canadian Edition, Toronto:  McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2011.

Book Chapters

Olewiler, N. and S. Bowman. “Environmental Taxation” in Kerr, H., McKenzie, K, and J. Mintz, eds. Tax Policy in Canada . Toronto: Canadian Tax Foundation, 2012.

Olewiler, N. “The 2009 Federal Budget and the Environment: Missed Opportunities and Misguided Directions” in C.M. Beach, B. Dahlby, and P.A.R. Hobson, eds., The 2009 Federal Budget, Challenge, Response, and Retrospect . McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2010.

Olewiler, N. “Epilogue: Lessons from Copenhagen for Canadian Climate Policy” in T.J. Courchene and J.R. Allan, eds., Carbon Pricing and the Environment, Canada: the State of the Federation. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2010.

Olewiler, N 2007 “Securing Natural Capital and Ecological Goods and Services for Canada” Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy. In A Canadian Priorities Agenda, Policy Choices to Improve Economic and Social Well-Being. Edited by J. Leonard, C. Ragan, and F. St-Hilaire.

Articles in Journals

Dow, G., Reed, C., and Olewiler, N. (2009) “Climate Reversals and the Transition to Agriculture” Journal of Economic Growth 14, No. 1: 27-53.

Olewiler, N. (2009) “Advice to Michael Ignatieff:  ‘Green the Liberals: Yes you Can” Inroads 25, Summer/Fall 2009: 44-47.

Policy Reports and Monographs

Olewiler, N. 2012 "Smart Environmental Regulation with Full Cost Pricing" University of Calgary, School of Public Policy Research Paper, Vol 5, No. 6, March 2012.

Olewiler, N 2008 "A Cap and Trade System for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in British Columbia: A Preliminary Evaluation of the Western Climate Initiative Design Proposal" Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions. White Paper.

Olewiler, N Mintz, J. 2008 A Simple Approach for Bettering the Environment and the Economy: Restructuring the Federal Fuel Excise Tax. University of Ottawa: Sustainable Prosperity.