Student Research

Capstone Project

The Capstone Research Project is the major project undertaken during the final year of the program. Fully equivalent to a thesis, the Capstone is an in-depth, independent project undertaken by each student and supported by a supervisor from the faculty. Small working groups are established within the second year cohort to enable peer and supervisor input and discussion.

You can access Capstone project summaries in pdf format on SFU’s Summit research repository site. 

Use Search our Collections feature on main page and enter author name. To access the complete list of Capstone projects by MPP students, go to Filter by Collection in the right-side menu and select Public Policy in the displayed list. Complete copies of Capstone reports are available in most cases.

Please search Recently Submitted Theses if you cannot find the thesis you are looking for. Newly submitted theses will not yet be added to Summit as it takes approximately 12 months for a submitted thesis to go through the various protocols prior to being added to the Library's collection.

To receive an electronic copy of a complete Capstone report please email the School of Public Policy Program Manager at and provide the author’s name and project title.  

BC Priorities Projects

The BC Priorities Project (BCP)is a research and educational collaboration between SFU’s School of Public Policy and provincial government and other agency partners. The goals of the project are to enhance the learning outcomes of our students by giving them the opportunity to work on public policy issues of concern to government ministries and agencies.

Each year, the first-year cohort receive topic areas from external organizations participating as BCP project partners.  In teams of four to six members, students investigate the policy problems over the two semesters of the Introduction to Policy Issues I and II courses (PLCY 800 and 807). The program is structured to match students’ interests with organizational needs in evidence-based research and policy analysis. Each student team delivers a written report and presentation regarding their findings and recommendations to members of the partner organizations. Timeline:   starting in October, with project completion in late March/early April.  Interested organizations can contact us from May to August to discuss becoming a BCP partner.


BC Housing | Extreme heat, wildfire smoke and the social housing sector

Provincial Health Services Authority | Policy effectiveness and compliance at PHSA

Streetohome | Shared housing models

Canadian Institute on Climate Choices | Supporting low-income renters to transition to emissions reducing and cost-saving technologies

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training | Labour shortages in BC: Taking a closer look

Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions | Decriminalization of drug possession and youth in BC

Partner Organizations and Projects - 2020/21

BC Ministry of Housing | A Window for Change: Alternatives to Emergency Shelters in BC

City of Vancouver | Reimagining Roadways: Promising Practices for Open Street Events

Genome Canada/BC Project | Implementing On-Campus Covid-19 Rapid Testing

Provincial Health Services Authority | Engaging Patients & Families in Policy Development

Western Economic Diversification Canada | Prevalence of rural internet connectivity issues within BC communities that have been most economically impacted by COVID-19

YMCA | Managing Child Care at the YMCA of Greater Vancouver: Improving Waitlist Efficiency & Equity

Vancouver Economic Commission | Best practices research for local economic developers to advance the circular economy in Metro Vancouver