Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition for the Master of Public Policy Program is on a per credit basis.  The current (2021) cost per credit hour is $276.66. First year MPP students will enroll in 40 credits per year. In their second year, MPP students normally enroll in 30 credits per year. Total of 70 MPP course units equals $19.336.20 CAD; additional per term student fees apply.  To learn more about student fees please see Graduate Student Fees Information.

The co-op practicum fee is payable only after a Co-op position is accepted. Student fees such as Student Activity Fee and UPass transit pass fees are assessed to all registered students. 

Note: Tuition fees are subject to change. Prospective students should confirm tuition before accepting a position in the program.

Options for Student Financial Support 

Financial assistance is available to students in the School of Public Policy in a variety of forms: scholarships and bursaries, fellowships, awards, loans, and university employment (teaching and research assistantships).  Please notify the MPP program office if you receive an offer of support from another university. The Dean of Graduate Studies is committed to attempting to secure competitive recruitment funds for incoming students.

Graduate Bursary

Graduate Bursaries will be awarded each semester and are issued on a need-based system. Students are required to submit an application for each semester in which they are interested in receiving funding. The application deadlines are normally six to eight weeks before the semester begins. For more information and application procedures go to graduate bursaries webpage


Students with Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPA) of 3.5 or higher may be eligible a Graduate Fellowship Award (currently worth $3,500). Students are nominated by the Program Director and the Program Manager will complete the application for selected students.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research (MA SSHRC)

Funding in the amount of $17,500 (12 months non-renewable) is available to Masters students through the MA SSHRC program. Students should review all SSHRC eligibility criteria on the SSHRC web site at Deadline for application is usually mid-Fall.

Travel and Minor Research Awards (TMRA’s)

Small travel grants are available for students who are presenting a paper or chairing a session at a national or international meeting of a professional association or equivalent group. A proposal outlining costing, timing, purpose of travel, relevance to student research, etc., is due to the Program Manager who will oversee the applications for TMRA’s.

Research Assistantship

Research Assistant positions are available throughout the year as funding becomes available. Positions will be circulated via email.

Teaching Assistantship 

Teaching Assistant positions are not available through the School of Public Policy, as we do not have an undergraduate component. Students are welcome to apply for TA positions through other SFU programs. Students should contact those programs directly for information on their application process.

Student Loans

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may apply for funding through the student loan programs. Please visit for details on the application procedures for BC residents. 

Other Funding and Scholarships 

For more information on scholarships external to the School of Public Policy, please visit the Dean of Graduate Studies scholarships and awards webpage

For details on criteria for financial assistance please see SFU's Financial Assistance web page.

Applicants should take note of deadlines for each type of financial assistance to which they apply. Many loans and awards require their applications to be submitted BEFORE the program begins.

Applicants to the MPP program, who are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents, are eligible to apply for the Canada Graduate Scholarships Program - Master's Scholarships.