SFU and  Konica Minolta have a 5-year partnership to provide multi-function copiers, printers and a managed print service for all SFU campuses.

The SFU Managed Print Services (MPS) project has the following objectives.

  • Provide a streamlined method of charging for copies and for network print jobs.
  • Establish the MFD management process with Konica Minolta.
  • Optimize the SFU MFD/printer/copier fleet to ensure it is properly utilized and meets needs.
  • Promote paper conservation by encouraging deliberate and appropriate use of copiers and printers.

MPS Services

As of December 1, 2012 the rollout of the MPS project is complete. Work continues to refine services and to add existing SFU printers to the managed fleet.

Some of the services available are:

  • KM MFDs
  • KM Printers
  • Management & Servicing of existing SFU printers
  • Papercut for print job cost tracking
  • Print & Copy card service for recovery of printing costs on public devices.
  • Web print to allow easy printing to the SFU printer fleet from mobile devices (your department must enroll in Papercut)
  • Document Solutions offers a full range of print shop services, printing exams, books, posters, promotional materials as well as offering bulk scanning and duplicating service.

Purchasing an Additional MFD

An assessment was completed in December 2012 that confirmed that all current MFD needs were met.  Departments that determine their needs have changed and that they require an additional MFD will be able to purchase one from KM at favorable pricing.  Please contact Document Solutions for details.  New MFD Install process

Purchasing New Konica Minolta Printers

SFU has identified three models of KM printers that are available for purchase.  These printers will be automatically enrolled in the MPS contract, providing departments with economical managed printers to suit their business needs.  Information on how to order a printer and the installation work-flow.

Enrolling Existing Printers in the MPS Contract

SFU has contracted Konica Minolta to provide toner and service to our existing fleet of printers at the same low price per page we pay for the use of the MFDs.  For the vast majority of SFU's printers, this will result in a significant savings.  Information on how to enroll an existing printer into the MPS contract.

Ordering Toner & Supplies

In most cases Konica will provide toner automatically when the level reaches a predetermined amount.  If this does not happen or you experience surges of device use that might cause the toner to be depleted unexpectedly, contact Konica

MFD staples are not provided automatically, you need to order these through Document Solutions.


Enrolling Existing Printers in the MPS Contract

SFU has contracted KOnica Minolta to provide toner and service to our 

Enrolling Existing Printers in the MPS Contract

SFU has contracted Konica Minolta

Contact Information

Communications with our users is mainly via this website or the following SFU maillists which you may subscribe to via maillist.sfu.ca :

  • sfu-mps-admin (for billing and administrative concerns with MPS units).
  • sfu-mps-tech (for staff who support users and devices). 

  If you have specific questions:


The SFU Managed Print Service is managed by Document Solutions with the assistance of a committee with members drawn from SFU IT Services, Document Solutions, Purchasing and Academic departments.  The committee meets regularly to oversee the operation of the service.  If you have concerns with the service, use the contacts above.  If your concerns are not resolved, you can contact the management committee by sending an email to sfu-mps@sfu.ca from your SFU email account.

MPS committee minutes (restricted access, login required)


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