Contact Konica Minolta




To arrange service, request toner or seek help with features

Contact the Konica Minolta MY OPS center:

By Phone: 1 888 446-9677

By Email:

Be sure to provide the Site ID of the machine, it is the OPS number found on the label attached to the front of the machine.  example: OPS01234


To report monthly usage if your machine is not networked:

Step1, generate the page count report from the MFD:
Utility/Counter Button (right side of the panel)
Meter Count (left side of the LCD screen)  
Check details (bottom left side of the LCD screen)
Print List
Choose 8.5"x11" Paper
Choose 2-sided
Hit Start button

Step2: scan the pages to email to 

Step3: Consider having your machine networked so that Konica Minolta can automatically monitor it for problems, toner replacement and monthly page counts.



If you ever have issues that are not resolved to your satisfaction by the MYOPS links above, you can escalate them to  If you are still not satisfied escalate to



User training for your staff is available from Konica Minolta. See the MFD Training page for more details.