Network Printer Fleet

The Managed Print Services contract with Konica Minolta includes provisions for KM to provide toner fulfillment and printer servicing for the SFU owned fleet of printers.  Eligible printers can be included in the MPS contract at the same cost per page as the KM MFDs.   

Through the joint KM - SFU print assessment process, it has been determined that the eligible printers will include most of SFU's network printer fleet.  For most of these devices, inclusion in the MPS contract will represent a significant cost savings for toner.  Departments should also realize a saving in staff time for procurement of toner, supplies and service.

Eligible Printers.  Only network laser printers installed on the three main SFU campuses will be eligible.  Large format printers, devices that can copy and scan, specialty devices and other devices as jointly agreed to by the MPS team are excluded.   The good news is that most of SFU's network printer fleet is eligible.

Serviceable Printers.  Some of SFU's network printers are too old, obscure or worn out to be reasonably included in the ongoing servicing.  SFU and KM will jointly determine which printers are not eligible for service, taking age, cost and availability of parts, reliability, and replacement cost of the printer into consideration.  

Ongoing eligibility for service: SFU and KM will jointly determine which printers are no longer eligible for service.  This will generally be any printer that has had more than 3 service calls in one 30 day period or devices for which parts are no longer available.

Toner only printers.  When a printer that is eligible under the contract has been deemed to be non-serviceable by the SFU MPS team, it will continue to be eligible for provision of toner, at the same rate as all other devices under the contract.    However, departments with printers that are non-serviceable should plan for their replacement, or better still, move printing to the department's central MFD devices.

Replacement Printers.  Under the MPS contract, KM has agreed to sell select printers to SFU at set prices, generally substantially below the prevailing market price.   Onsite service will be provided for the duration of the 5 year KM MPS contract.  Details of the available printers and prices can be found here.

Cancelation of Contract.  If a department determines that the contracted service is no longer desired their printer can be withdrawn from the contract by notifying DocSol.  The MPS project may require repayment to KM for any recent supplies or service invested in the printer by KM.