Print Assessment

Konica Minolta and SFU will undertake a review and assessment of our current printers and printing practices. This review will document current inventory, locations, users, and existing challenges. The data collected will be used to create a proposal for a future optimized environment that maximizes SFU's benefits of user satisfaction, reduced costs and environmental sustainability.

The objective is not to take things away that people need, but to provide opportunities for SFU to reduce the number of printers, identify the cheapest way to print what needs to be printed and to avoid printing whenever possible.

Naturally, departments will be involved in this assessment.

The print assessment is taking place in the last 3 weeks of March 2012.  We are asking all departments to cooperate by providing answers to a few questions about the current print environment and by providing a member of the department, with keys, to escort the assessment team as they record the locations and page counts of all print devices.    Your department will be contacted by Document Solutions to schedule the assessment for your area.

If you have any questions or concerns please email .