SFU MPS New Printer Process

  1. SFU End-user chooses the new printer to order.
  2. SFU End-user completes WebCRD order process.
  3. Document Solutions receives order via WebCRD, Completes the New Device/Accessory Order Form for Konica Minolta
  4. Konica Minolta receives order form from Document Solutions, confirms order, estimates ship date.
  5. Konica Minolta assigns OPS number and sticker to new hardware
  6. Konica Minolta emails mps-network(at)sfu.ca with OPS Number and copy of form
  7. Konica Minolta receives new hardware at Document Solutions
  8. Client and Research Services requests IP, Hostname, CNAME (if desired) from Network Services
  9. Client and Research Services emails the IP address information to Konica Minolta, (which will forward to appropriate KM personnel), Document Solutions, SFU End-user IT Contact
  10. Document Solutions sets up billing with Accounts Payable, updates MPS inventory database, and sets a follow-up date to ensure correct and complete installation of printer on network.
  11. Konica Minolta arranges delivery (and installation) with SFU End-user IT Contact upon receipt of email from Client and Research Services
  12. IT End-user contact and KM tech set machine IP address, and test printing.  Driver installation for users to be done by the normal desktop support staff for the area.
  13. KM confirms via internal process that the SNMP server sfu-km.its.sfu.ca can contact and monitor the device, if not mps-network and site IT contact need to be notified.
  14. Konica Minolta confirms delivery is completed with Document Solutions
  15. Document Solutions pays Konica Minolta for new hardware
  16. Konica Minolta bills for click charges, and Document Solutions checks accuracy and assigns to correct SFU Account.
  17. Printer is now in service.  KM delivers toner and service as needed, usually automatically when device reports need.  End user can request service by Contacting Konica Minolta .  
    • Printers can be removed from service contract at end user discretion by notifying DocSol
    • End user department retains ownership at conclusion of KM-SFU contract July 1, 2018